Mac for Gaming? – Which games play well?

Apple has been established as a strong contender in the field of technology. They have created strong hardware and software throughout the years. They also developed beyond the computer business and established a strong foothold in the mobile industry. Over the years, they have slowly begun competing with Windows in the desktop space. Yet, there is one area they haven’t touched yet. Apple’s machines have yet to be enamored for their capability to run games well. mac Despite that, recently, Apple has begun making their machines powerful. Are they strong enough to compete with the leader of the PC gaming marketplace? Apple has begun developing a space for mac games download, so they may be attempting to reverse the trend.


Apple released the Macbook Air as the signature ultra book. These units are immaculately thin and capable of doing a fantastic amount of hard work. The 2012 models have Intel’s Ivy Bridge chipset with HD 4000 graphics. These handle games quiet well. Half-Life 2, a game released in 2004, is fully capable of running at playable frame rates at medium/high settings. They also released the Macbook Pro. The 13″ model has integrated graphics similar to the Macbook Air but the 15″ model has a dedicated chipset. The dedicated graphics chipset has either 512mb or 1GB of memory making it capable of supporting the latest games. For example, it can run Borderlands 2 at the maximum settings. The capable of the Macbook Pro makes it a very capable gaming device!


Apple has released a line of miniature desktop machines designated the Mac Mini. These devices have similar capabilities to the Macbook Air. However, the higher end Mac Mini is capable of running stronger games due to a dedicated 256MB graphics chipset. It can run Portal 2 and Bioshock 2 at decent settings making it a strong yet portable gaming device. Another device Apple has worked on is the iMac, their signature desktop. Recognizable anywhere, these beasts are capable of having graphic cards with up to 2GB of on-board memory. These machines are more than capable of running almost any game out there. Borderlands 2, for example, runs like a breeze with no slow-down at high settings. The iMac is where Apple took their engineering and made a device capable of dominated the gaming space.


Apple’s hard work has resulted in hardware capable of running a variety of software. At the same time, mac is still growing and only getting better over time.