Criminal Justice Career Options

Criminal justice careers are always in high demand. Whether the professional desires to work for the public or private sector, there are a variety of options which are available. However, one cannot simply obtain employment within this field. Rather, there are some educational requirements that must often be met. Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the educational aspect as well as the availability of opportunities.

Required Education

There are a few avenues for those that wish to work in the justice field. This can include certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs. The certificate is typically a short program that can be completed in one year or less and is often best suited for those seeking entry level employment. Those seeking specific positions beyond this will usually need at least an associate’s degree. Some agencies and employers may require a bachelor’s degree.

Types of Employment

Jobs in criminal justice lend a great deal of versatility. Potential employers can include but is not limited to both private and public organizations as well as government organizations. This sector of professionals may be employed by correctional facilities, attorneys and even federal, state and local government agencies such as police departments for example. These are just a few of the career options available.